Status Effects: What Dispels What?

#1DrKissinger1Posted 5/23/2009 11:33:26 PM
So I've played through BG1, 2, and IWD1, so I have a pretty good handle on how status effects work in D&D games; however, things seem to have changed in NWN2, which I assume is due to the switch to the 3E ruleset. The main problem I have is that when I'm afflicted with a status ailment, I can't tell whether it's disease, poison, curse, etc. I can see that my abilities have been drained, but I often have to guess at casting different spells until I come across the right one. Once, I even checked the combat log to see that I had failed a saving throw against poison, but it turned out that I had to cast "remove disease" to dispel the effects.

Charm and confusion seem curable only by a good roll on dispel magic. There's no 3E version of Chaotic Commands, I guess?

The most confusing status effect seems to be Daze. When I get hit with it, I'm more or less helpless, as I haven't figured out any remedies. This is really hurting me where I currently am, fighting solo in Castle Never as a Fighter/Weaponmaster. When I am stunned or dazed by the vamps, I'm a sitting duck.

Oh, one more minor question, though a bit off topic. How does True Seeing work in NWN2 as opposed to BG2? I remember in BG2, when someone cast True Seeing, every enemy was instantly revealed to everyone. In NWN2, when I'm fighting monsters with concealment, it seems that they keep their concealment bonuses after I've cast True Sight on someone, though I haven't had the chance to test it too much.
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The Mind Blank spell takes care of most mind-affecting status effects, as well as granting immunity to them for the duration of the spell.

The Restoration line of spells (Lesser, 'regular' and Greater) gets rid of most types of status effects except mental effects (the weaker versions also don't affect curses or diseases IIRC).

The Freedom of Movement spell protects against paralysis, slow, and other movement-restricting effects.

Then there are of course the obvious ones like Remove Fear, Remove Paralysis, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Neutralize Poison, etc.

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About the True Seeing thing, I'm not sure.

Perhaps True Seeing only helps against invisibility-induced concealment, and not the 'natural' concealment of ghostly enemies or granted by the Self-Concealment feats.

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Thanks a lot for the help. Mind Wipe is really the spell I was looking for.

Another question, though: does "stun" count as a paralysis? Because my fighter is equipped with a ring of free movement, but he still occasionally gets the "stun" effect from a vampire or shadow priest.
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Or you could simply cast protection from evil/good (mostly evil, of course) to get immunity to mind affecting spells, too.

Poisons and diseases can be cured with a healing kit and a decent skill at healing. Which is good, as healing kits don't cause attacks of opportunities (unlike potions).

The ones you must watch out for, though, are drained levels and drained attributes (usually caused by disease/poison). Drained attributes usually go away after resting. Level drain requires a restoration spell.
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Stun and daze are their own status effects (and particularly nasty, to boot). There's no way to remove them in NWN2.
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Harsh. I just beat the original campaign, but it still bugs me how when dealing with shadows and wraiths, I basically had to just keep swinging and hope for my 50/50 shot to connect. I take it there's no way to dispel their perma-concealment?
#8DarkfyrePosted 5/26/2009 9:22:05 AM
I don't think there is, because it's not a magical effect.

You can pick up the Blind Fight feat, which allows you to reroll attacks missed due to concealment bonuses (from blindness, invisibility, or actual concealment), so that 50% chance turns into a 75% chance. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

Oh and IIRC Ghost Touch weapons completely negate the concealment bonus of shadows and the likes. You can get the effect by being a Doomguide.

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