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6 years ago#1

how come when i start neverwinter nights 2 and get to the main menu i dont see any words in any of the tabs??

6 years ago#2
Sounds like your dialog.tlk file is missing. It needs to be in the install directory for NWN 2. For example: "C:\Program Files\Neverwinter Nights 2"

If you've installed any mods into your override folder you may have a damaged or corrupted one overriding the original.
6 years ago#3
no, i install nwn2 then i click the nwn2 exe. and it goes thru all the advertisements and then gets to the main menu screen where it has all those tabs like,,new game....options...etc. etc...but there r no words in those tabs and if i click like new game on the next screen still no words anywhere, then i reinstall it and after install load it up right away and same thing. i dont get it, i never had that problem a few yars ago when i got the game and installed it, it worked fine but now its doing this.
6 years ago#4
and whats my override folder dude?
6 years ago#5
Yeah, in the same folder that your nwn2 exe is, there should be a file named dialog (dialog.tlk if you can see file extensions). That file contains the words used for descriptions, buttons, tooltips, explanations, etc. for the whole game. If you remember the interface well enough to get to character creation, you'd see classes without descriptions and everything.

If you don't have a dialog file in there, then either reinstall the game or try updating. I'm pretty sure the file needs to either be in there or in the tlk folder in "My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2"

Also in the same folder where your exe is, should be a bunch of folders where the game data is stored there is an override folder in there where you can put modded files that will overwrite the default ones normally used by the game. There is a second override folder in "My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2" that works as well. Unless you've actively installed a mod, there shouldn't be anything inside to my knowledge.

What version of the game are you running, and do you have any of the expansions?

I assume you're having this problem: http://nwn2forums.bioware.com/forums/viewtopic.html?topic=587298&forum=121

You can try clicking the link for your language and running the hotfix. See if that works for ya.
6 years ago#6

well, after i install nwn2 it says ,,,,ver. 1.00,,,but everything i been reading says to update it with the autopatcher, i'm assuming that's the button that says update when i double click the disk in the drive and it comes up with the little menu and one of the options is to update,,,,well, i hit update and it wont update, it says something like "unable to compress the temp file" or some crapand it won't update. So, how do i update it, i found an update to update it to ver. 1.04 on Gamespot but thats as far as i can update it, as for as much as i know lol. I never really updated a game b4, i just install it and play,,,USUALLY lol. So, if i have to update to ver. 1.10 or 1.15 or whatever how do i update it that far? Man this sucks lol i just wanna play this damn game lol. But, yeah i downloaded all the expansions and Nwn2 but i have the original Nwn2 i bought a few years back, but i downloaded the Nwn2 platinum edtion also, but whatever, i installed both the one i own and the downloaded version and both give me the same BS problem with no words on main menu when i start the game up. But, i looked at that link u gave me dude and from what i gathered thats for after u install mask of the betrayer, but this happens b4 i even install any expansions. Maybe if u can tell me exactly how to update to ver. 1.10 or 1.15 maybe that will fix it. Maybe its cause my PC is so built up and more powerful than when i bought the game? u think? Maybe its cause of Service Pack 3 for windows? I dont know.But i think if u can help me out with updating it since the updater is screwed and wont do it for me i guess i gotta get the updates somehow. But maybe if u help me update it that will fix everything, well i'll wait to hear from u again dude and thx for everything so far, u seem pretty cool,,,

6 years ago#7
And yeah man, in my Nwn2 installation folder there is a file that says "Dialogue.TLK" but there's nothing in the files in "My Documents" Nwn2 folder.
6 years ago#8
Well here's a list of manual patches: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2Articles.Detail&id=230

Not sure if they all work, but they should. If manual patching works, you can probably get up to 1.10 and install MotB from there. And if you want to streamline the process you can use NWN2 Patcher to install the patches in sequence: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2Tools.Detail&id=12

You're running the English version though, right? Even BioWare spelled the file name as "dialog" rather than "dialogue." If it really does have a "ue" at the end you could try copying the file and rename the copy "dialog.TLK" and see if that works/allows you to patch. And I would definitely recommend you patch this game (and others) since a lot of PC games ship with bugs because devs operate with the understanding that any unfinished business can be fixed after rigorous player use/testing.
6 years ago#9
Hey Sychosis, what do mean by streamlining the process?
6 years ago#10
o, and another thing dude, i'm an idiot lol, i downloaded some updates already and they were files and i didnt know how to open them so i right clicked one of em and went to open with daemon tools and i forgot to uncheck the "always open this type of file with this program" and now all those little files have the daemon tools logo on them and i don't know how to change them back to normal,,,i'm pretty sure they are RTP file types, how do i get daemon tools off them? lol

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