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6 years ago#1
Does this game not agree with Windows 7 64 bit? I had to wipe my PC to instale Windows 7 and when I re-instaled NWN II the game had bad grahpic glitchs even after being fully updated when I would try to play it.
6 years ago#2
Have you tried updating it? If you have and it still is choppy try running it in a compatibility mode.
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6 years ago#3
It is not choppy, just the graphics are messed up, no lag at all. Both the game and Windows 7 is up to date as well. I am not sure about the compatibility mode, how does it work?
6 years ago#4
If you right click on the icon for NWN2, and go to properties there should be a compatibility tab. Then you can tell it to run in a compatibility mode, which can allow the program to run in a Virtual version of an older OS. I have found that this often fixes problems with games that do not work well on my PC that is running windows 7.

You may have to track down the icon in the folder you installed the game to instead of the shortcut.
People. Can never tell what they will do next.
6 years ago#5
I play it on widows 7 64 bit. I did nothing special but put the disk in and let it install itself. >.>

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6 years ago#6
I have had some of my older games work fine just installing them on windows 7, others worked but not well till I tried running them in a compatibility mode, just another option to try and get it up and running.

The only other thing I can think that may help him is to check to see if his video card's drivers are up to date.

Beyond that, he may need a new graphics card, and personally I would rather have to try something in compatibility mode before looking for hardware fixes.
People. Can never tell what they will do next.
6 years ago#7
If you are having graphics problem like this then all you have to do is to update your graphics card drivers..update windows, all the drivers, dotnet 3.5.1 and have atleast 5 GB free on the installation drive..this solved this problem for everyone till date!!

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