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4 years ago#11
Ibis is also awesome. Throw in a Mega Booster and that's 3 additional move; if you prefer her melee(....), that's 5 additional move. She's a 'magnet' unit, and dodges everything to counter painfully. She'll be like your own solo Black Ops units. She'll also then be perfectly set up for supports later.
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4 years ago#12
redtide1962 posted...

kyosuke (ace bonuses like kyosuke or sangers are basically small stat increases, +10% to melee stat in this case, many pilots have things similar to this but kyosuke also gets a boost for his counter activation, but it is a very small amount and overall this doesn't stand up to Lune's or even Ryusei's ace.

The English translation is worded very poorly, but their bonuses are actually Final Melee Damage +10%. Melee +10% would be better than Final Melee Damage +10% at 200+ Melee stat anyway.

lamia's +final hit lets her have a chance to hit enemies even when it would be 0% otherwise (10% minimum accuracy)

This should also be wrong. Final Hit +10% just means that a flat +10% is applied to the hit percentage at the end (e.g. -50% hit would go to -40%). Leona's Hit +10% is subject to other modifiers of which I'm not exactly sure about right now (probably unit size).
4 years ago#13
Ibis has a +1 move ace bonus?
4 years ago#14
redtide1962 posted...
Ibis has a +1 move ace bonus?

4 years ago#15
I thought her ace was +1 Prevail? Hmm. . . Another faq does list +1 unit move. I think I really need to stop using that character guide faq to find stuff! I hope the will gains are at least accurate(they really need that information ingame for you!).

Have gotten Irm and his love bonus. And I do like. True I only really use 3 of the spells it gives(alert/strike/valor), though occasionally alert+spirit help(I can mostly ignore boosting his morale in the initial wave and still hit bosses with his strongest attack, not great but it helps if I miss the threshold by a bit or something). However, for 45 sp that is cheaper than most people's valor+strike. And a lot of times I need Valor+Strike+Alert when hitting bosses(sometimes I don't need 1 of strike/alert though). Still I often feel like I get more utility out of others people's Aces. Maybe it is that Irm's Gungrust just doesn't pull weight as well as I would like late game?
4 years ago#16
It's pretty powerful, but really, Armor loses its shine as compared to Mobility(in short, RR>SR in terms of being not destroyed or not taking damage). However Love completely negated such, allowing Grungust to hit hard and not be hit.

In terms of damage, yes, his Darkness Slash(iirc....? Can't remember his last attack for the life of me) is still good, though nothing compared to the monsters that are combo attacks. >_>

And Ibis' Ace is indeed Move +1. It's possible the guide you're using hacked the first Ibis(the one with Faith, on the stage with Sleigh, Kusuha, Ibis and Ratsel defending TLI from the inspectors) to have 50 kills and it's her Ace that's Prevail +1.
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