Scenario 13 (Earth Route) EX Hard Mode

#1naranlerlopPosted 9/29/2012 9:18:27 PM
The stage where you regroup and you first started the stage as Lefina group. The point of the stage is to not letting any enemies on to be base at all, which is really hard on EX Hard Mode because enemies have higher HP & Armor. It already took me 3 tried, I can get passed the first 2 waves but the third battelion wave is the problem. Hagane arrived a little late for them to be able to cover all the third wave. My problem is the top right portion of the third wave.

My Lefina group was unable to get back to the top part on time to cover the top right part because I have to move down quite a way to get rid of the first two wave, well since they have high HP & defense I can't just stand at the base and to kill them there. I won't be able to get the first 2 waves on time. So anybody has any specific movement recommended?