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3 years ago#1
Am I the only one who liked him? I realize his character stereotype, but as far as his development goes you are introduced to him with a myriad of other similarly annoying characters both new/original or from the previous title, making him not only stand out less as an antagonistic leader but also to foil his own negative attributes when said characters interact.


He even had his own "thing", being that as a single battleship pilot limited by having few supportive/utility spirits, and even being unable to support defend, he did have a cheap Strike (virtually all battleship characters have expensive Strikes) and also had a 1-4 post-movement root (Spider Web) that is typically reserved for enemy units in this game. This gives him some minor offensive utility in terms of controlling placement/damage dealt, and when coupled with his reliable Strike+Guard for ~30 SP and ~200 EN worth of Impact Cannon shots with no opportunity cost to worry about (as the Shirogane has no finishing move), I always hold him in high esteem despite his inevitable betrayal as fate would always decide for this type of character.

Part of what makes him surprisingly likable is his demeanor toward the other "rotten" characters, the bureaucrats of this game, and the fact that his past involves the loss of his family during the L5 Campaign. And yet, despite all this he is not riddled with fear or unjust desires, nor unprecedented revenge commanding his innermost thoughts. He is a strong individual who worked for everything he wanted to achieve.

I suspect many of you feel indifferent or maintain an exaggerated disgust for the character, but I also believe that several fans exist that share a similar point of view for the guy.
3 years ago#2
Strangely enough you aren't the only guy that happens to like Lee. Topics like this pop up from time to time on the OG boards. There's a small minority that genuinely like the guy.

I for one couldn't care about the guy. Any sympathy I had for him pretty much went out the window when he voiced his opinion about how soldiers were dispensable pawns (paraphrasing here). Lee's ego made him outright insufferable too.

Lee: I can't allow those lucky buffoons on the Hagane to outshine me. So let's press our luck even further and not wait for reinforcements to arrive only to fall victim to an obvious enemy ambush.

Lee: These mass produced W numbers are awesome! They do as they're told. No backtalk. Ever the professional. And their more than willing to lay down their life to save my ass. They're the perfect soldier. *swoons* Sure by siding with the faction that created these guys I am more or less condoning senseless war and allowing tragedies like what happened to Cynthia to be repeated over and over again. But gosh darn it I won't have to deal with those unprofessional Hagane/Hiryuu idiots ever again.

To be fair the dude does redeem himself in OGII [Sequel to OG Gaiden for the PS3]. And commands the incredibly awesome Air Christmas.

Putting this here so I don't forget...
3 years ago#3
I didn't hate him in the beginning and i actually liked the interaction between him and Tetsuya. I didn't quite agree with how he viewed his soldiers but much like Lamia, i could understand the logic behind it at least.

What i couldn't stand was his goal changing from wanting to defend the earth against the aliens and/or get revenge to suddenly wanting a perpetuating war. It feels weird for an antagonist who hates Tetsuya for failing to detect Ingram to turn coat and then to consider a perpetuating war that would create more victims like his girlfriend? Seems like he lost sight of his goals to me and changed to going along with whatever would get him more power.

That said, I'll be the first to say that my memory of storyline details might be a bit sketchy so if it's explained further down the line then i guess i forgot about it.
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3 years ago#4
I absolutely love Lee. He's easily my favorite character in the whole series.

Mechafanboy posted...
Seems like he lost sight of his goals to me and changed to going along with whatever would get him more power.

He wanted to use that power as a deterrence against future alien threats. The methods were different, but the goal remained the same.
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3 years ago#5
Hmm... what was Lee's rationale for working with the Inspectors then?

I can fully understand giving up on EFA and joining the DC/Neo DC but I don't recall Lee having said anything even though he joined the alien's side.

The most logical reason I can think of is that he wants to fight against the Einst but if that keeps happening and Lee jumps from supporting one alien faction to a different alien faction, I don't understand when/how it would end except with Earth taken over by one of the factions he's supporting...
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3 years ago#6
The Shadow Mirrors and Inspectors were always planning on stabbing each other in the back. Lee is never shown really commenting on it, but Vindel's and Wendolo's conversations make it very clear that they're just itching to destroy one another.
Meet me bak at mah castle 4 sum wiked storwies...
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