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Kotobukiya answers my prayers. (Archived)RockmanDX312/6/2011
your thoughts please (Archived)fighterx2341/25/2011
Anime? (Archived)fighterx2361/24/2011
question about skills (Archived)
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Do you really need to be in new game + in order to get the Vysaga? (Archived)TheDeadMoon21/20/2011
help please? (Archived)fighterx2331/18/2011
when Excellen leaves (Archived)fighterx2321/18/2011
Lol they copied a joke in the anime. (Archived)benjamien11/17/2011
Dygenguar & Aussenseiter (Archived)HYPERMECHA31/3/2011
What are the weapon slots and mech slot for Arado's Wildwurger? (Codebreaker Qs) (Archived)flamingblaziken11/3/2011
*Sees TVTropes mention a heavily altered version of OG2 in its OGS article* :D (Archived)
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A Character who should be the Main Character in the next SRW game (Archived)
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Better main pilot for the Huckebein Gunner: Rio or Ryoto (Archived)
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just asking (Archived)zeorymerkai312/16/2010
How good is SRX? (Archived)redtide19621012/8/2010
just wondering about.......... (Archived)kaminaforeva412/6/2010
Energy draining weapons don't have much use in this game (Archived)Salocool412/1/2010
Post here if you have attempted (and enjoyed) the No-Upgrade Challenge (Archived)Salocool712/1/2010
Is this game even beatable without sp regenerate? (Archived)Holy_Oblivion512/1/2010
Defense Support problem (Archived)Salocool511/28/2010
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