Is Contrast / Gamma off for anyone else?

#1KalirionPosted 1/10/2010 9:17:54 PM
This game seems to do something very unhealthy with contrast or gamma (or both) settings on my system. It looks both dark and washed out at the same time. When I alt-tab to desktop, I see that these settings stick around, and only go back to normal after I quit the game.

I tried tinkering with various settings in NVIDIA Control Pannel trying to make this game presentable, to no effect. I can take a screenshot though, and make it presentable AFTER I exist the game and graphics return to normal....

Maybe its something about my video card - integrated Nvidia 7100 which I'm using till I replace my dead 8800GT. But I haven't encountered this in any other game I've tried, even ones the card give me 1 frame per second....
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