720p question along with frame rate.

#1Granado6Posted 2/16/2012 9:40:26 PM
I heard if your playing this on the 360 it actually up scale this from a 480p perspective is that true? I did notice when I have my setttings in 720p for the 360 the game will dispay in 4:3 ratio to where if I had it my setting ons 1080i (which I don't like because of interlace) the screen would fill up the screen. The frame rates by the way are HORRIBLE. Now when I play it on the Xbox hardware my only complain is the frame rate, sometimes it can be smooth and sometimes it can look really stuttery with moving the camera why is that? Any way I can improve this from happening?

By the way I have alot of junk on the original Xbox I dont use. Will deleting it help the game play in a much better frame rate?