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User Info: Rubberlegz3

8 years ago#1
Through out playing this game for quite a while, Ive found quite a number of Easter Eggs, some of which relate to the film. the Sierra Community Forums also has a topic with Easter Eggs, so here is one for GameFAQs. Even if you find something funny, post it. Heres some:

The Homeless drunk who sits ontop of the Downtown bank Statue at night.

The Wrestler Candy man, talk to him, he usually has a yellow of blue suit on. and you'll laugh!) (he can alays be found at the Caravan Park

Octavio, the guy in a suit who gets shot in the Babylon Club in the film, you can sometimes find him walking around Miami, Ive found him once at a car park in North Beach.

"Babe island" An Island that has nothing but girls on it.

"Gilligans Island" An old TV show with people from a Shipwreck living on an Island, there is one with a few people on it that apparently resemble the cast from the show.

Post any of your findings

User Info: kniferun187

8 years ago#2
christmas trees...
i amd skill-less... my videos...

User Info: BloodBornVirus

8 years ago#3
as far as i'm concerned, you are nothing more than a smudge of excrement surging toward the sea.

User Info: 15643

8 years ago#4
You can dance in the babylon club if you hod down L1, and Tony does a little spin if you push R1 while doing it

User Info: Rubberlegz3

8 years ago#5
If you are hurt, go up to a dumpster and press Triangle to pee on it. You will get your health put back up for it.

User Info: Zarley420

8 years ago#6
"babe island" and "Gilligan"

are these Islands on the map?

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