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8 years ago#41
Quite the cold man aren't you? And at this time of year no less.....
8 years ago#42
And? They know how this is going to end, we just play along
8 years ago#43
8 years ago#44
Remember that the only reason I'm going through this is because I was next in line, they know how this will end, we just go where we're supposed to go and play along. An act we can't control, quite close to the truth we decided on
8 years ago#45
What if it is the truth?
8 years ago#46
Then I will sit on my fat ass until this game is over, I've no intention to be anyone's puppet, be it life's itself
8 years ago#47
At least you're......oh never mind.....
8 years ago#48
What is the difference? Two weeks from now the nightmare goes on, and we can't do anything to stop it
8 years ago#49
X....can we know for sure that what we say here.....is the truth?
8 years ago#50
Why do you ask?

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