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9 years ago#1
Morning lads,

I thought that I'd start and new topic in here partly as a mark of respect to Jess and his cousin. It doesnt seem right posting about the weekend's shenanigans and scrapes in the previous topic.

Anyways my big news is that I have decided to all but give up drinking for a bit. I've really overdone it in recent weeks and am suffering for it, I have also turned into a right fat bastard since I started working from home so cutting out 20 odd pints a week should do wonders. Not stopping totally but now for a bit only drinking when I go football or on special occasions.

Anyone else got PES2008 yet? I know that its got its critics but I reckon its the best one for years.
Condense the nonsense
9 years ago#2
I haven't played it yet, worth getting?

I had a cracking weekend, me and about 15 of my mates dressed up on Sunday for Halloween, I was a witch (wore a lovely short black dress and a hat), we all went around into shops and takeaways dancing and shouting "lets all have a disco, lalala!". The Indians even joined in, fair play to them, the Paki's in Londis weren't happy though they called the police. Nobs.

A tip for everyone, if you want to pull...dress up, In the last two months I've been a smurf and a witch and I pulled both times, stunning girls as well not some random valley slags.
Oh - you want me to watch my mouth, how?
Take my ****ing eyeballs out, and turn em around?
9 years ago#3
I'm coming over to London in January, so I demand peoples come along for much drink and merriment.

And by that I mean me laughing at you guys getting wasted...
9 years ago#4
I've only played the 360 version and would say that it is definitely worth getting. Like all Pro Evos it has got its fault and you wonder which chimp playtested it but its s definite improvement on recent predecessors. The AI is also a lot better, for the first time ever I have struggled a bit in the Master League.

Nice touch on the costumes too. I've got a belated Halloween themed birthday party to go to on Saturday and want to go with the missus and Nelson and Winnie Mandela but she is having none of that.

Excellent news that you are coming over Verm. How long you gonna be about for and will it involve taking it a game at The Emirates? Either way I'll block out a bit of diary space.
Condense the nonsense
9 years ago#5
Just trying to sort the logistics of it all out but I'm aiming for the Brum game on the 12th/13th. Nick, you better come down then too. Or else.

Happy Halloween ladies!</Kurgan>
9 years ago#6
January? I can tell you right now I won't be able to go, can't get any time off, busiest month of the year for Accountants. Pfft. Make it February!
Oh - you want me to watch my mouth, how?
Take my ****ing eyeballs out, and turn em around?
9 years ago#7
I'm back in college on the 21st of January...
9 years ago#8
Cool, like I said I will make myself available. Brum are one of those teams that we should absolutely tonk too.

Ended up going to that party last night as Dracula. Very unimaginative.

I also managed to completely fall off the wagon what with the early kick off, seeing old friends at the party and getting a massive cheque through the post on Friday that I have been waiting months for and had nearly given up on. Its a lazy day ahead for me today I think.
"What Manadonti can do with a ping pong ball, I can do with the severed heads of my enemies" ~ number10
9 years ago#9
Had a busy day yesterday. Woke up to listen to the game on five live, when Arse scored the last minute equaliser, threw my chair across the room, splitting it in half. Beat the remainder of the chair for a while with the legs, went out my room to dispose of the carcass, to see my housemates staring at me, they now think I'm a psycho. Watched Commando on the night (best film ever), managed to break the curtain rail by falling backwards into my window, pulled everything down on my head, then shagged my housemate in the room right next to my ex at 5 in the morning. Who says staying in on a Saturday is boring?
"Wigan is famous for two things, it's rugby players, and it's beautiful women. What position do you play Sheila?"
9 years ago#10
Ello you lot, I haven't checked this board in a while. I got PES2008 a while ago and only played it the once; had a load of mag deadlines (I'm working for two of the buggers now, though on a plus note one are finally paying me!) and it's a double whammy of essay week right now. Plus I've been well into my new footy manager game with Juve, and if I start Pro Ev I'll just spend hours editing kits and all that malarky. I'm actually sending my memory card away for an update tomorrow just so I can't start a master league or anything like that.

Anyway, guess who buzzed my flat last night? The TV Licensing men, who I didn't think even existed. It was a little fella with his big black hired muscle, and they were pretty sound and basically just told me to get one sorted out in the next couple of days and they won't come back round. The hi-def was stuffed in the wardrobe but they knew the deal.
footieboard.blogspot.com innit
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