Windows 7 video error FIX

#1drrenPosted 10/13/2011 9:42:02 PM
Thanks to I was able to get my copy of HoAE running on Win7.

There is a number of solutions to this problem, and all are listed here ->

I used the 4th fix, "Advanced 3d Patch", on my retail copy which works perfectly.

In more detail, I installed the fallowing patches:
1. 1.1 patch from
2. "3d Patch" from
3. "3d Patch with save fix & 2gb+ memory fix" from

This should work on the STEAM version, although I have no way of testing that. You probably will have to skip the 1.1 patch.
#2drren(Topic Creator)Posted 10/13/2011 9:49:15 PM
Forgot to mention that the above will not fix the problems with in-game movies not playing properly. But there's a fix for that too!

Right click on your Heroes Of Annihilated Empires shortcut, select Properties.
Under "Compatibility" tab check off "Disable desktop composition".