Terror Mode Challenge (Minor Unlockables Spoiler)

#1Player_PersoonPosted 9/11/2012 10:42:28 PM
I'd like to propose a challenge for fans of the game. If you've already beaten the game and unlocked the SPOILER...Final weapon, you know how over-powered it is. It's fun to play with and see if you can use it in a hostage situation, but it left that feeling of having done it all.
So, here's a challenge to bring some replay value to Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Start up a new game and see if you can beat it on Terror Mode first time through, unlocking all of the medals all at once. It feels good to get 12 medals all at once and see a ton of rewards unlocked in the early stages. The biggest challenge is to get the medals for headshots, arrests, survival, and detective as well as gang leader arrests all in one playthrough for each level. The Emergency Situations are especially tough. Good luck, hope you enjoy taking the challenge.