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4 years ago#1
Just started playing this game (first MMO and I really like it so far) and I've been scanning these anomalies in space and keep getting alien artifacts. I was wondering what do you do with them? I tried selling them but get no money for them lol. I have a few rare ones but they aren't worth anything lol what do I do with them? Thx
4 years ago#2
That stuff you get from scanning, those are crafting materials.

The come in Energy (kinda looks like an atomic diagram), Physical (a triangle) and Technological (sort of looks like a flower) formats. They also come in six tiers (red, light blue, green, dark blue, orange and purple). Beyond that there are ten rare particle traces.

There should be a tutorial mission for crafting that you can hail Admiral Quinn for, it's called Scientific Mandate. It will have you go through a mission that will take you to Memory Alpha in the Alpha Centauri sector block (where all the Fed-side crafting is done). Once you've completed that tutorial you can use the materials to start crafting items.
4 years ago#3
^ oh ok lol thx man! I had started that mission but just dropped it because I got lost and couldn't find the memory sector(I think that's what its called lol) will I be able to do the tutorial mission again since I dropped it?
4 years ago#4
You should be able to pick it up off of Admiral Quinn again.

Memory Alpha is in the Alpha Centauri sector block, just above Sirius (where Sol/Earth/ESD is). I believe it's listed as Memory Alpha for in-block auto-travel purposes, so when you get to Alpha Centauri scroll down the systems list 'til you reach the M's.
4 years ago#5
Cool thx man! Been really liking this game so far! Ill have to try that when I get home. Just started (only like level 4 lieutenant) but its been a blast!
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