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This game is an example of how bad the DS's early game drought was. (Archived)Slave 112/16/2014
This is probably the most pointless and gimmicky game on the DS beside Ping Pals (Archived)slk_23112/19/2013
There's a new Pokemon game coming out. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz11/14/2013
re: Hidden Rabbits in manual (one year too late) (Archived)brideck16/5/2012
eh this game wasnt very good.. (Archived)Simon3333317/27/2011
Hidden Rabbits (Archived)EpsilonDX16/21/2011
What's the point of including GBA unlockables when they're so easily obtainable? (Archived)slk_2314/30/2011
Does anybody remember how this was the second-best DS launch title back in 2004? (Archived)slk_2314/30/2011
Where can I find an mp3 of the Nightmare music? (Archived)MasterOtenko26/22/2010
Does anybody else agree that Painter and Bus Stop are the two hardest minigames? (Archived)devinator512/17/2010
what is your favorate "break time" clip? (Archived)internet_lover18/3/2009
This is so much easier compared to Chocobo Tales. (Archived)SuperSonic130517/1/2009
what happened to sega (Archived)onehatesyou26/21/2009
Rabbit #35 Glitch? (Archived)dswizard25/3/2009
How do u find bunnies???? (Archived)oootttaaa33/18/2009
*reads part of a review* ....O_O! Wait a second. (Archived)Allhailshadow32/6/2009
I love the music in this game. (Archived)MasterNeoChief11/24/2009
Does the final boss battle make anyone else worry about thier touch screen? (Archived)Hammer_Magic111/24/2008
Any way to skip hard mode nightmare? (Archived)Kame111/23/2008
The music in this game is ABSOLUTELY horrible (Archived)Virtual_Console19/7/2008
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