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Resolution is always messed up. Playing on Steam, can't get wide screen to work (Archived)slk_2339/15 4:11AM
Is there a way to have the mouse move the camera instead of steer the vehicle? (Archived)slk_2359/1 6:29PM
People complain about the mouse not working on Steam. Why the incompatibility? (Archived)slk_2338/18 11:58AM
need help, like, bad. (Archived)albousi27/8 2:09PM
Anyone willing to rip and rig some models for me? (Archived)Sniper_Phoenix13/22 9:58PM
100 tags after 'Tagging Up Turf' (Archived)Kokuei0531/8 4:38PM
San Andreas controls have finally been updated! (Archived)unknownssj611/22 12:05PM
Pulled songs? (Archived)ChinchillaKing311/11 2:56PM
Awesome place to view dumb AI (Minor Spoilers) (Archived)Draconiator110/1/2014
My custom missions (Archived)VirusPunk2419/22/2014
The missing vehicle "THE KART" (Archived)Munkee34019/22/2014
man cj yous a busta (Archived)wowkirin19/20/2014
First Person mod. (Archived)Kokuei0519/15/2014
GTA San Andreas Speed Run (Archived)don_sf18/7/2014
Do these cheats affect the game when saved? (Archived)syabatron27/20/2014
looking to mod this game graphics wise. (Archived)mavrick_1917/17/2014
The Keyboard and Mouse controls are a pure abomination (Archived)Withdreday46/23/2014
Does anyone else here like this game more than GTA 5? (Archived)Travalanche55/27/2014
san andreas run slow in windows7 ultimate (Archived)Jyotirmoy0115/22/2014
My aim sensativity (Archived)Chemicalfir15/18/2014
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