Can't patch the game :(.

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9 years ago#1

Can anyone help me?

When it start installing it stops right away.

The message i get is "patch error, the old file does not exist"

I have the european version and am trying to install the european version of the patch.

Can anyone help?

9 years ago#2
do you use a nocd? if so replace nocd with original exe

are you using version 2? if so it's already patched
9 years ago#3

Sorry but what's a nocd?

And I do not think I have version 2 because I have audio issues.

9 years ago#4
a nocd is an altered version of the exe that allows you to play the game without the cd in the machine, hence the name. as you don't know what it is, i assume you're not using one.

personally i'd uninstall the game and then reinstall it, and then try patching the game.
9 years ago#5

Hey thanks for the help

It seems that I have version 2.0

... is this a buggy game on the pc?

I mean I have the game only 2 days and problems keep coming (no crashes yet)

I have sound problems (it sometime disappears entirely except for the car radio)

The mouse sometimes does nothing any more (after I have saved the game)

And in some places the FPS go down in the low 20 (for example the area around Emmet the gun dealer)

9 years ago#6
what are your system specs?
9 years ago#7

Intel e6750 @ 3,5 Ghz

2 Gb ddr2 ram @ 860 Mhz (around that)

MSI 7900 GTO

MSI P35 Platinum with integrated sound

9 years ago#8
Yea it's a buggy pc game sadly, a poor port. And I stick with version 1 coz i use the great 151 trainer haha :D
9 years ago#9
1. It might not be the EU patch.

2. When did you buy the game? If it was quite recent you have V2 and should get the downgrade patch.
Let's go to work...
9 years ago#10
Oops, didn't read that.

This is not a buggy port. Get the 1.1 patch and the annoying things are fixed.
Let's go to work...
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  3. Can't patch the game :(.

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