help with the jump jet

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User Info: jcohenx

7 years ago#1

While flying the Harrier-like jump jet, I can takeoff, pull in the landing gear, and sort-of-fly it like a helicopter but it seem so slow and unresponsive. Is there a way to align the jets to give more horizontal thrust?

User Info: ItchyFlea

7 years ago#2
You can adjust the thrusters by using the numpad keys. 2 and 8 IIRC.
The game should have taught you how to control it when you first got it. I'm pretty sure it's the same keys that let you do wheelies/stoppies on bikes that control the thrusters.
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User Info: pyber80

7 years ago#3
Behlem is right. Numpad 2 and 8 are used to control the vectored thrust ports. Holding down 8 will rotate them to the forward motion position, while 2 will rotate them to the takeoff/landing position.

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User Info: minitomo

7 years ago#4
It doesn't tell you how to do it if you spawn one with cheats.
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