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HD mod? (Archived)sauruschamp177/22/2012
Is the securom on this invasive or is it just a simple disc check? (Archived)_Vuvuzela_26/12/2012
Mouse freezes when pausing (SA-MP) (Archived)hotshot33126/12/2012
User Track Limits? (Archived)darkblaze71315/4/2012
Cannot Pause The Game With A Controller? (Archived)downstroyer14/25/2012
GTA San Andreas Mod Question (Archived)_Shadi_44/11/2012
Bought the Mac version and Xbox 360 controller. R stick, LT and RT not reading. (Archived)Ketorulz73/18/2012
Did i Buy some kind of weird bootleg, pirate, chinese or who knows what Copy? (Archived)Goshorai12/27/2012
Trailers scattered around San Andreas, where can I take them? (Archived)ervinivin12/24/2012
Weird glitch in N.O.E. (Archived)myDownfall8232/19/2012
How do I collect the $ symbol? (Archived)Chocoboliebe32/13/2012
Can my computer run this? (Archived)Skyrim_Freek22722/12/2012
Controller question (Archived)myDownfall8232/5/2012
can the big hangar south of the garage in verdant meadows airfield... (Archived)Featherbeard51/23/2012
Graphic problems on windows 7 (Archived)myDownfall8231/23/2012
Frame Limiter weirdness (Archived)PChapin11/22/2012
TRAINER problems (Archived)myDownfall8211/21/2012
Can this be made to control like the XBox version, with a 360 controller? (Archived)PChapin51/18/2012
Will this run on my laptop? (Archived)SLAYER18921/14/2012
Question about windows xp comparability mode (Archived)Snoodle5411/13/2012
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