Sense of Impending Doom?

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8 years ago#1
Unlike all my previous characters, I actually decided to check out the main quest (FYI, I'm a spoiler junkie, so I already know how things go down). I don't know how most of you feel, but I don't like the sense of impeding doom that comes with all these Oblivion gates popping up all over the place. It's one thing to hear people whining about the dead emperor and then going about your business, and another to run into glowing portals every fifty yards that turn the sky red for the next five minutes if you get close enough to them.

What should I do? Rush through the main quest and close shut all the marble jaws of Oblivion at once? Reroll my character and not do anything about the main quest as I always have? Or just grow a pair and actually take time to close them myself?
8 years ago#2
You get sigil stones and rare ingredients from them, they are quite useful. Although if you close some they will reopen eventually, until you finish the main quest.
After 3 more people say so, I will stop stalking this guy:
8 years ago#3
Sigil Stones don't seem that valuable to me, since I rarely deal with enchanting. As for the ingredients, I have the Frostcrag add-on, so I can collect those at my leisure.
8 years ago#4
The best way of dealing with Oblivion I've seen is Midas Magic. As you know, at the end of the main quest, all the Oblivion gates close. However Midas grants, on top of about a hundred others, a spell to open an Oblivion gate. You need to go through a rather tough quest to get what's needed, but once you do, free Sigil Stones!
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