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9 years ago#1
Do the attributes cap at 100 or something? I was level 9 and my agility was at 100. I just spent an hour to train my marksmanship and sneak to get another +5 in agility for my next level, so I just reached level 10 and the agility attribute is grayed out at 100. Odd because I heard someone say they cap at 255.
9 years ago#2
Level cap is 100(attribute increase through level up)
Attribute cap(with fortify spells/enchants) is 255
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9 years ago#3
So basically, even if my class level is 100, my agility etc can never be over 100 without restoration spells or enchanted items?
But enemies keep getting stronger with every class level I gain, don't they? Aren't my bow attacks gonna become worthless against them in like 10-20 more levels if I can't raise my agility anymore? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
9 years ago#4
Bows are the strongest weapons in this game.

You have to add your arrow damage to the damage of your bow.

At level 26, my archer only had problems with enemies that had high health or were immune to an enchant/poison.

And with 'problems' i mean that I used 2 or 3 arrows <_<
God created the Earth, the Dutch only made it better.
9 years ago#5
I see, so I don't need to worry, thanks.

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