The best Tes Nexus Mods

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8 years ago#1
I just wanna know what are the most worthwhile Tes Nexus mods for oblivion ( just game no expansions ) THANKS
8 years ago#2

some of the ones I'm using:

- sun glare

- clocks of cyrodiil

- sauron's armor

- capes and cloaks

- Bravil Sea Dome

- Adrenaline Oblivion

- Castle Domrose 1.2

- Combat Behavior

- Cutthroat Merchants

- Don't Close my Gates

- Get Wet

- GG_Valeria

- GG_Vincente

- Living Economy

- Inebriation

- Illumination Within

- Natural Interiors

- Myths and Legends weapon pack

- Phoenix Equipment

- Real Lava

- Real Hunger

- Real Sleep

- Sythe mod

- Better Gold

- PJ's Lightning strikes

- Crowded Roads

- Crowded Cities

- Arboretum Bathhouse

- Alive Waters

with these mods, the game feels like a living virtual world...I really suggest all of these. Makes the game what it should have been and now combat isn't so easy. And the towns are much more populated

8 years ago#3
Atmospheric Dark UI Loading Screens 2.20

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