What are some sexy armor mods?

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8 years ago#1
I'm looking plate armor that shows a lot of skin, is fairly skin tight, and very elaborate, the images from this jump mod provide an example:


Is there any armor in the base game similar to this? If not then please direct me to some mods. If you know of any similar mods for any other type of armor then I wouldn't mind seeing them too. I went to the TESnexus site and if I search for armor then there's like over 1000 mods, so I don't wanna sift through so many just to find a few good ones.
8 years ago#2
I use this one. You gotta have Exnem eye candy for it to work though.

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8 years ago#3
O... kay.
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8 years ago#4
8 years ago#5
The mod you just posted IS using Exnem...
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8 years ago#6
For a complete list of Exnem-compatible mods, go to TESEyeCandy.com (must be 18+ to register).
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