Boss chest respawn time?

#1PlazmuhPosted 5/10/2008 5:55:36 AM
I'm using OOO and have marked some pretty cool caves and such where I found very valuable loot in boss chests, my question is how long till they respawn? I've waited 3 days whilst doing quests and such but upon returning the enemies have respawned but the chests are still empty! Anyonw know?
#2Shadow_BeforetPosted 5/10/2008 8:13:12 AM
Perhaps they don't respawn?
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#3Plazmuh(Topic Creator)Posted 5/10/2008 1:21:49 PM
Hope that's not the case :( Get pretty bored when you've looted all the chests, allthough that would take forever
#4sugarmagicPosted 5/10/2008 2:00:24 PM
Not all boss chests are respawning.

Go there, choose the enemy type you encountered, and find the cave/dungeon name. The page will specify whether or not the chest respawns.

Also, using Wait will not respawn the chests. The time has to pass natually.

Besides that, I don't know. :/