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8 years ago#1
I'm slightly confused about the HGEC body replacer. It's obviously not a completely different body from Exnem's eyecandy, like Robert's is, but what is it exactly? If I have Exnem's installed and I download HGEC and the textures, would it work, or *is* it a completely different body? Also, would the different Modded companions and races that have Exnem versions and compatability patches work with it?
8 years ago#2
The Female EyeCandy Body Replacer by Exnem is the original body replacer. The HG EyeCandy Body mod is a mod of the original by Exnem. It changes some things. Just look at the descriptions of both.

The latter requires the former before it can be used.
8 years ago#3
Just to clarify, I'm using this list:

#15 is the original by Exnem, #5 is a modified version of the original, made by someone else.
8 years ago#4

Oh, alright. So, if I were using Companions that had versions or patches dedicated to making them work with the original Eye candy, then using the HG version would cause some problems or discrepancies? Or (probably unlikely) would they work just fine?

I notice most companions and races have Exnem versions and such, but I haven't seen anything tailored towards HG

8 years ago#5
I've used both at the same time with various mods and haven't had any problems. They aren't totally different. Just some different meshes, textures, etc.
8 years ago#6
Ok, thanks. I think i'll try some of these tonight.
8 years ago#7
Good luck. If it doesn't work, just deactivate the HGEC mod.

You should also try this mod:

It replaces all of the standard clothes with ones that use Exnem's EyeCandy body.
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