best weather mod?

#1TheLastBelmontPosted 1/27/2009 6:01:30 PM
Whats the best mod for weather, such as storms. And whats the best night sky mod? The Weather one I have now is nice, but it'll thunder and rain for maybe 30 secoonds then its nice and sunny. The weather doesnt last long.
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#2rogueinspacePosted 1/27/2009 6:25:33 PM
Atmospheric Weather System is a great mod for that. Another one is Natural Environments, which also includes some water and vegetation improvements.
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#3no500Posted 1/27/2009 7:21:48 PM
Natural Environments is terribly overrated. The effects themselves usually look nice but it just doesn't work properly. It's the same old "raining when you walk in the building, sunny when you walk back out five seconds later" song. They blame this on crappy installation but I think if I was able to get FCOM working I can get this to work too.

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#4bobmark1Posted 1/27/2009 7:30:40 PM
I have the same issue with any weather mod I install. Eventually, I just got rid of any of them. To be honesty, the default Oblivion weathers are good enough.
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#5rogueinspacePosted 1/27/2009 11:32:38 PM
Well, I was just mentioning it, AWS currently is the highest rated weather mod on tesnexus, I think. But if your going Vanilla, might as well get a better night sky mod, some of them are really good.
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#6IcedMetalPosted 1/28/2009 12:42:23 AM
Me using Enhanced Weather it's boss... tried it after reading the raving reviews about how it's the new king and way better than AWS. Only just started playing again for two days and i must say, the mist and fog is fab... reminds me of good ol' England :P