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7 years ago#1
Hey guys.. I forgot about my post last time, but I really need help.
I've been trying to figure out why this game defaults to lowest settings when I clearly have a good enough rig to play the game on High or even ultra high... ( I play Fallout 3 on Ultra High )

Vista Ultimate 64bit
Dual Core 3.1 Ghz CPU
9600GT Graphics Card
4 Gigs of Ram 1033m

Why does this game default to "Low" settings!?!?

Even if I manually put the game up to High or Ultra high ( whichever the highest option is I cannot remember right now ) the game still does not look good, leaving out grass entirely, and I believe placing fewer trees.
All in all, it looks very poor regardless of the settings I put. What is wrong?
7 years ago#2

OK, so you are changing the graphics quality through the splash screen and it still leaves trees out. Do I understand you correctly?

Why don't you try to fiddle with the more specific options in the in-game options menu or, failing that, reinstall the game? Is your game fully patched? Do you have the latest graphics drivers installed?

7 years ago#3
Yes, I have everything updated, New Drivers, the Game is updated, and I have reinstalled the game multiple times at this point.
I've also tried deleting the Oblivion Config files, forcing it to find settings all over again.

But it always defaults to Low.

I've been looking around and apparently this is caused by the fact that my card is newer then the game itself. But there doesn't seem to be any fix that is being mentioned anywhere.

I click the option for Ultra-High Settings, make my resolution higher. But when I get in game, the sliders seem to correspond with the high settings, but the textures look like they are still LOW.
7 years ago#4
I've had the exact same problem.

Vista 64
Triple-core 2.4 Ghz CPU
5 gigs RAM
GeForce 9600 GT

I can get grass and such, everything up to maximum, but textures look horrible. Clothing on NPC's is blurred and anything in the distance just looks like smooth nodes.

I can run Call of Duty WaW with everything on maximum settings perfectly fine. I don't understand why Oblivion looks worse than Morrowind, no matter what settings I choose.
7 years ago#5
I've managed to solve the NPC problem, although distances still look horrible and detail less.
7 years ago#6
Oblivion is pretty fincky when it comes to detecting hardware specs (It sets mine to low too). Does it do this every time you use the Oblivion Launcher? Because if so, I suggest you don't use the launcher and just use the Oblivion.exe file in your directory folder. It'll skip the auto-launcher's detection and you should be able to up all the settings in the game's menu. Also when you exit the game, if it crashes, it probably didn't save the changes you've made, which would be why it's set to low when you reload the game. For that, either turn off all plugins or use OBSE and the no-crash fix.
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7 years ago#7
The default is MEDIUM when the VGA is newer than the game is. But there was a Radeon 9600 long before nVIDIA started renaming their older cards to get people to think they were getting new ones (8800 GS = 9600 GSO, or close enough for horseshoe game scoring). Maybe it decided to use the old Radeon settings, which would be "Low".

The launcher comes with a table of video card rankings from early in 2006, almost two months before the game's release date. Anything newer, or even older, gets Medium.
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7 years ago#8
I think you'd be much better off asking this at the Bethesda forums. At least then there's a chance that someone who worked on the team and has heard of this problem before or seen it will post or know what to do to fix it. I haven't any clue.
7 years ago#9
The only way that will happen is if Gstaff copies the question and passes it to the team, because no one else working there ever interacts in any forum. Gstaff is the (highly ineffectual) coordinator for the forums.
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7 years ago#10
You mean as opposed to the 99% resolution rate from asking strangers on gamefaqs? :)
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