what's the point of all the gems?

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User Info: SexualPizza

7 years ago#1
I've stockpiled a bunch of the flawless gems, as well as gold/silver nuggets, and so far haven't found a single use for them(Other than using a transmutation scroll on the nuggets.). Should I just sell these or is there actually a use for them?
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User Info: SonicBoom344

7 years ago#2
They're not used for much. You should probably just sell them if you want the extra gold.

User Info: Bane_v2

7 years ago#3
The mod Geomancy is merged into OOO, but you can get it separately as well:


"Geomancy lets the player use precious gemstones as "spell amplifiers", allowing them to cast extremely powerful spells for little magicka, but destroying a gem in the process. Gem Dust allows the player grind gemstones to dust for use in alchemy (as per TES3:Morrowind)."

User Info: smurfocolypse

7 years ago#4
ooh, didn't know that was part of OOO ... makes it even more of a reason that i'll be installing it at some point (or FCOM).

I was hoping a couple weeks ago on this board that there was some kind of "smithy" mod that would allow you to forge armor/weapons out of some of the ore you can find in oblivion (kind of like madness/amber in SI)

it would be cool if the gems allowed you to inset items in the same fashion ... oh well, i'll just keep hoping that a master modder will read my mind and make it happen.........
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User Info: CrossLOPER

7 years ago#5

Fill a room with them and take a swim.

User Info: treetop

7 years ago#6
if you use midas magic & get the ooo plugin, gold & some gems become useful.

also, i believe just with the geomancy, you can crush the gems into dust for new potion ingredients.

User Info: bobmark1

7 years ago#7
You can also display them.
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User Info: treetop

7 years ago#8
Fill a room with them and take a swim.

this will murder your fps, i filled a basket once, the sparkle effect.,..
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  3. what's the point of all the gems?

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