Does Oblivion XP raise skill caps above 100?

#1red255Posted 3/5/2012 7:32:47 AM
Just wondering, reading the readme it said something like you needed level 30 to bring skills about 150 but wasn't sure if it was just saying that because it allowed mods like that.

The readme also seems to suggest 8 hours sleep to double XP gained for a duration...does that bonus XP wear off if its not used up in a set time?

Anything else i should know in building a character?
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#2Matty_G33Posted 3/15/2012 2:37:11 AM
I believe you edit a text file to make changes. By default the skill cap is still 100, but you can raise it if you want to.

Bonus XP is more like a bank of sorts (that doesn't time out). Gain experience somehow, and you also get a bit of the bonus experience from that bank if you have some. The leveling bar goes orange if you have rested XP, and goes yellow if you run out. It can run out frequently, though it does promote sleeping in beds. Keep in mind there's a cap to how much you can have in that bank, which raises as you level up.

As for character building, unlike vanilla Oblivion it's more effective to build them the way you want them to be with all your favoured skills and such. Major skills lower the amount of points you need to increase them in increments per level up, as well as those affected by your specialization. They both stack up, too.

For example, you have Combat as your specialization, and have Blade + Restoration as majors, and are think of putting points in Sneak, which is a minor. Here's what it would cost to raise a skill by one mere point:

Sneak: 4 Points (no spec in favour for it and not a major)
Restoration: 3 Points (no spec in favour for it, but is one of your major skills)
Blade: 2 Points (specialization in favour for it, and is one of your major skills)

And keep in mind that you get about like what, 32 points or so per level up? Hope this helps.
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