Which of these control load order?

#1KERRY49Posted 4/1/2013 7:56:21 PM
I'm using Nexus MM & Wrye Bash. I also run BOSS. I start the game through the OBSE exe file. I don't want to waste the time trying to keep NMM, WB, & BOSS the same all the time if only one of them really matters. Any suggestions? Thanks.
#2NeninaPosted 4/1/2013 8:55:55 PM
BOSS controls load order, and it will tell both Wrye Bash and NMM to use that load order. You need only right click in Wrye Bash and view by load order. BOSS also imports the correct tags for Wrye Bash to use. BOSS will also tell you which mods are dirty edits and need cleaning with tes4edit, and is a big helper for FCOM.

Wrye Bash is the one that makes having many mods work together by using a bashed patch which goes at the end of your load order. There really is no point to using Wrye Bash if you don't build / rebuild the bashed patch, as doing so will mash together leveled lists, import cells and graphics and sounds, and even tweak things such as reset cell time. It will also cut your mod list shorter so that you can add more mods, it does this when it is importing or merging as those mods are not really activated because they don't need to be. Since you don't use OBMM, Wrye Bash can handle the archive invalidation so that new textures and meshes will show up in game rather than yellow exclamation marks.

NMM is the one mostly used to put those mesh, texture, sound, etc, files where they need to be with one click. The same load order BOSS'd in Wrye Bash is the same order BOSS'd in NMM.

All of them different uses.

Also, tes4edit is important to not only clean dirty edit mods that cause crashes, but to examine your entire load order and find errors. Just load the mods it wants to load, let the right panel finish processing. Then copy and paste into notepad and search for the word 'error' to find the wonky mods that are messing it up for everyone.
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Thanks for the answer, you know your stuff.