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So I installed the FCOM Super Pack..... (Archived)CloudIzThaBezt28/27 6:44AM
Any problems playing this with Windows 8? (Archived)violentdissmay18/12 8:51PM
Need Mod suggestions please. New to PC Oblivion. Veteran of Oblivion (Xbox360) (Archived)Slasher90078/10 6:14PM
Please come back to life, Oblivion board... (Archived)TriForceOmelet47/31 9:20PM
My favorite character: Owyn (Archived)icyglare27/31 9:14PM
Can't find the BOSS.bat file (Archived)Iminyourcloset27/20 10:00AM
What in Oblivion? (Archived)M0NSTER_37/4 12:54PM
Shrouded Hood after curing vampirism (Archived)TheGreatSpy16/23 6:38PM
Can't remeber name of an alternate start mod.... (Archived)TheEvilPinkDragon35/31/2014
Problem finding fish - Not in rock (Archived)Arogance125/30/2014
I wrote a FAQ/Walkthrough for Midas Magic Spells of Aurum (Archived)crazy4rpg25/23/2014
anyway to change how magicka is calculated? (Archived)chelth25/1/2014
Have Spells Types Available In Spell-Maker Immediately? (Archived)Zephant201224/13/2014
Graphics mods that don't impact performance? (Archived)GoGoat34/11/2014
Tears of the Savior fifth tear bug (Archived)t0nit0nich0pper23/29/2014
dlc help (Archived)dovahdovah11173/27/2014
Can I Run Oblivion? (Archived)Fuoco_Eterno53/17/2014
finally got the pc version so... how do i make plug-ins and which ones are good? (Archived)Lockeadon23/13/2014
can you meet higher level monsters at lower levels? (Archived)
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is this game or oblivion more suited to the thief game look (Archived)mavrick_1943/13/2014
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