Shadow of the colossus !!!secret garden!!!!

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9 years ago#1
I notised there wasent a topic for the secret garden ( not so secret) so i made one :D
so ....

Has anyone been there on the demo o.0 i did... o.0 theres werird things on the demo >.>
9 years ago#2
Actually, I just made a topic around 7 minutes before you, about me reaching the garden (not in the demo though).
9 years ago#3
........... not 17th colossus or demo though
9 years ago#4
I haven't played the demo, but I heard when you jump in the water, you die! Creepy, huh?
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9 years ago#5
Whats the secret garden? O.o
9 years ago#6
I need a few things regarding the secret garden.
What other ways besides climbing are there to reach it?? Bird Humping? If so, can I hawk hump in the final version of the game?
(I heard the demo's garden was way better than the final, so If you could tell me how to obtain the demo, magazine or game [there are full games with demos inside] , please do. Thanks in advance)
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9 years ago#7
You can only get to the garden by climbing.

Without eating any white tail lizards and without using the vertical jump glitch (not available in the PAL version), you'll need to complete four playthroughs and maybe kill a couple/few colossi on the fifth round to have enough stamina to climb to the garden.

If you eat every (or most) WTL in your first couple rounds you could probably get up there sometime during the third round.

If you use the VJ glitch, you can get up there as early as after you beat the seventh or eighth colossus on your first playthrough.
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9 years ago#8
4 playthroughs!? awwww maaaaan...
its not that im lazy, but that IS too much, and the game is borrowed...
is the garden worth all that trouble?? (i dont think i have VJG)
and i think i read sumwhere you can fly a hawk to a certain part of it
I like bunniez!
9 years ago#9
No, you can't use a hawk to get to the temple.
happiness is not a fish that you can catch
9 years ago#10
What exactly is the VJ glitch? I'm on my second run through the game (with all the easy time attack gear), got a lot of white-tail lizards, and I jumped diagonally up the whole temple. I also beat 4 colossi, but I can't remember if it was before or after I climbed the temple...
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