Does the ducks lay eggs?

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9 years ago#1

I got my ducksin chapter2 and now they have all the 10 hearts and the perfect health but the female never lay eggs , donīt even 1 !!!

I just wanna know if they lay or not these eggs and how to make it so!


9 years ago#2
Ducks don't lay eggs. They are ducks, if you want eggs go chickens.
"^you are like 99% lose? " -The_real_Naruto
9 years ago#3

Thatīs sucks! =/

I have this doubt because the caracters of the game talk about ducks eggs , like Wally that ask me if ducks eggs are similar to the chickens eggs.

Thanks for the answer ;)

9 years ago#4
Duck eggs come from chickens.

Not SURE how it works exactly but if you HAVE ducks, there is a 50% chance a fertilized egg that came from a chicken is a duck egg.

Don't think about it too hard.
"^you are like 99% lose? " -The_real_Naruto
9 years ago#5

Yes yes I know about these 50/50 chance to have ducks fertilized eggs from chickens and thatīs what we have to do to get the ducklings , but unfortunately it doesnīt make money =/

I just wonder why these ducks do not lay eggs , because in fact they do it!:(

Couldnīt it be a bug??

9 years ago#6
If it was not intentional they *probably* would have fixed it when they made the SE

They are just ducks, Pretty duckies..... I mean chickens aren't that much money. I was getting LAZY and didn't feel like picking up the 300 G golden eggs toward the end.

So I got some ducks, and leave them be and they leave me be. They can bathe in the pond and such, and they are just as useful as your dog.

The only 'bug' I know of are with Lumina cuz she is new to SE, her male and female child look alike and have dialog problems (game called female a male I've been told)

Ducks not laying eggs is FAR to obvious not to get fixed.
"^you are like 99% lose? " -The_real_Naruto
9 years ago#7

So thatīs it =/

they are just petsthat do not lay eggs

I will leave them in the pound so =P

Thanks for the answers ;)

9 years ago#8
it's still a bit strange that the chickens can lay duck eggs
9 years ago#9

kaeliz posted...
it's still a bit strange that the chickens can lay duck eggs

Yup =P.

What if you sell one of your ducks O.o

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