How to make lots of money(shells)

#1lucario75Posted 7/20/2008 1:05:26 PM
1) beat the game once. after each tank (1, 2, 3, and 4) you'll get a little ibt- maybe about 1000 shells. plus a little for beating the game. then, buy breeder fish. those will eventually give you a baby fish. sell the mama, and keep the baby. you'll get 7500 from the mom and a free fish- and that fish will give 2 when its small, 5 when its medium, 10 when its big, adn 20 when it turns blue and becomes a crown'd fish.

after a coulple of breeder fish, you'll have enough money and jr fish that you'll start making a good amount of money if you make this game your screensaver (but, you are wasting power if you have a screen saver up instead of a blank screen- your call on what is important to you.) after some time of this, you can start buying the really expensive fish, the ones that are: invisible, voracious eaters, backwards fish, and those ones that eat pizza, ice cream, or chicken. sell them when they get big to get a ton of shells.

pets i recomend for the virtual tank (if you're playing it manually): meryl. niko, vert, shrapnel, wwalter,. i also like to use the quartet of stinky, clyde, seymour, and nimbus to help me out when im not paying enough attn or if meryl sings and im feeding them at that time. i have blip all the time, just because i like knowing who's hungry right away. and i ALWAYS have presto- right now he's a copy of shrapnel. i guess if you want you can have walter, but that means taking someone out. probably stinky as he doesnt do too much anyways. he's just hanging out there as a last resort in case it gets really hairy. oh, and some people like to buy a bunch of carnivoires and use amp to turn the guppies into shells. i dont like buying carnivioces because you cant ever sell them. well, you can, but only get half of what you paid back. unless you hvae had it forever, it might be hard to recoup depending on how much you paid for it.

scrensaver: definately have zorf, and presto as zorf. dont really bother having shrapnel as he just gets in the way. cant collect the bombs anyways, why bother killing your food for fish that eat other guppies?
um, ok. /end rambling now.
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