how to beat that sexy rosso?

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8 years ago#1
I am having trouble beating her i tried 10 times and the closest ive gotten to is reducing her healt hto about 15 %.

Is there some special strategy i must use or something? Here is what i got :

Hydra- 60 rounds
Machinge gun- 400 rounds
Handgun- 185 rounds

2 limit breaks, 1 elixir, 3 high potions, 1 mega potion, 3 red potions, 1 phoenix down ( plus an additional one i already have ready), 2 potions, 1 red ether, and 1 ether.

You would think thats this is enough but the fact is i use up virtually everything until i die. The 2 times i reduced rosso's health to 10-15% i coudlnt win anymore becuasei ran out of ammo and slapping her is hard and unsuccesfull.

My strategy is this when we first begin i use my hydra and aim at her head ( she isnt too fast now so its not hard to aim) , i keep using my hydra until she changes and starts throwing these red guided balls at me. This is the part where it gets kinda bad i cant aim at her becuase i will get hit by a ball so i must constatnly move which makes shooting worse because i miss alot. I try to use the buildings as cover to block the balls when sometimes i get boxed up in a corner and she slashes me and takes alot of health away.

I use every item i have and leave the 2 limit breaks till the end becuase thats when shes faster and harder to beat. I wait till my health gets to about 200ish then i use 1 to replenish my health and kick her butt. when i use my limit break its stil ltuff hitting her i throw my own magic at her ( limit break form) and she sometimes falls backwards when this happens i run towards her and slash her with my claws ( this does soem pretty nasty damage to her) but still she gets up fast and kicks me and while her damage does little ot me in monster form it only last for so long..

Please help

''If you want to be a hero you have to have dreams...and honor''
8 years ago#2
First aim whilst moving, this is a good way to dodge attacks and deal damage.
Second there is a shop in that battle. As you enter turn left and it should be along that wall. As long as your playing normal or hard you can restock without the worry of being hit.
Third when you lose select restart and keep the exp. so you can survive longer.
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8 years ago#3
oh i didnt know there was ashop in there, this will make the world of difference becuase yesterday i got so close that i only needed 2 shots to finish her off but i only had 200 health and died.

I always pushed restart so i do level up. I think i only need a couple of more bullets for my hydra and perhaps a mega potion. Ill try this when i play again sometime this week
''If you want to be a hero you have to have dreams...and honor''
8 years ago#4
also im playing in hard mode beucase most games in normal mode are too easy in fact this pretty much the only part where i havent been able to advance. Anyways tanks for the tips mike
''If you want to be a hero you have to have dreams...and honor''
8 years ago#5
I cant find the dam shop i looked around everywhere in the place where im battlign rosso and there is no shop. Maybe you are mistaken?

Oh and i died for the 20th time agaisnt rosso too now...
''If you want to be a hero you have to have dreams...and honor''
8 years ago#6
there is a shop there, i suggest an easier strategy, i beat her without using any actual healing items, this contains 3 points that make it easy to kill her.
1. Start battle with Cerberus run around and shoot her, when she changes continue this stradegy.

2. To dodge her guided thingies, jump sideways to the right, they curve right so jumping sideways to the right dodges them. And since the Cerberus has quick shooting and easy aiming it makes the fight that much easier.

3...When you need to heal DO NOT use a potion, use Limit Break, it will max out your health and you'll gain massive defence, just run around (dont try and atk her in this stat, she's WAY to fast) just run around till is wears out, then continue shooting her.

easy peasy lemon squezy
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