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4 years ago#1
Someone knows any sits that have a item synthesis list? even in Japanese is fine by me..
I need some recipes..
If any of you have some good ones for cool costumes can you please tell me? :D
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4 years ago#2
Pirate lunchbox (backpack) - the first episode with captain morgan, explore the naval base.
Genson hat C (the guys hat in arlong episode with the spinner) - toy windmill + chopper medical white paper.
Genson hat U (same as C but purple) - toy windmill + usopp workshop equipment

That's all I got, contribute people, let's build a list.
4 years ago#3
where did you get the windmill item?
4 years ago#4
Found it in a chest in one of the random dungeons of east blue, kinda a pain to run around them but the SP is nice.
4 years ago#5
yeah kinda boring :s I have past the dungeons away so I miss the item and thanks for the info... its not from sinththesis but i get a foxy arm band from beating up (overkill) rob lucci... If I have any info about customable sinthethisis I put it up here too
4 years ago#6
Does the armband visually show up when you equip it?
4 years ago#7
The item synthesis feature here is interesting and easy to do, but since everything is in Japanese and my knowledge in the language isn't that good, I can't read all item names and it's respective descriptions. I was wondering if anyone knows what is the combination for Zoro's Bandana, Zoro's Blue Hawaiian Shirt (if there is one) , Usopp's Sogeking Costume (which I think will is said in oneof the bords to only require the head part to change Usopp's appearance completely to Sogeking), and any other accesories that change the appearance of the characters.

Just adding, for those who might not be aware, only the 2nd option of the menu with he Screwdriver and Pliers is enough to do an item synthesis as long as you have the ingredients you're good to go.
4 years ago#8
Perhaps the treasure maps might play a role in getting the right items, but I havnt figured out how to use them.
4 years ago#9
it did, its turns in an armband with foxy pirates mark on the right arm has RB in the name...

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