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Recruiting Laura Kimmel - "...Hi."MightyMothra69/13 7:02PM
Possible New Front Mission game in the works -- Rumour (Archived)Nashidaran38/22 5:54AM
Why do "fans" of FM talk down on FM3 and praise the others? (Archived)frogcommando17/15 11:02AM
Survival Simulator Floor '0th Bosses? (Archived)BigheadNo135/18 10:42AM
do I need to play other games before playing this? (Archived)bybyr212/18 4:12PM
wish this and FM4 were on PSN... (Archived)nableet111/23 3:46AM
Same old.....? (Archived)Blasik111/14 4:45PM
Lynn has a great pair of hips (Archived)more_cow_bell111/9 5:31PM
Do you think we'll ever get a new Front Mission game? (Archived)XxAxem_BlackxX510/22 3:13PM
Great, another brooding, whiny, butt-hurt protagonist from Japan. (Archived)DustyMcPants610/6/2014
Some questions... (Archived)Noctionus49/10/2014
How to get RP from recruiting people? (Archived)Demilich200838/29/2014
stuck on hangar patch instruction (Archived)Noctionus38/23/2014
wanzers and skill question (Archived)fmfan1348/13/2014
front mission information (Archived)fmfan1378/7/2014
Am I that bad or doing it wrong? (Archived)SpookeyDonkey68/3/2014
battle sim save loading? (Archived)SpookeyDonkey37/22/2014
Are you guys getting an average of 50-60% accuracy? (Archived)Pvt_r3d37/19/2014
How do you buy new items/individual wanzer parts/weapons? (Archived)
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Can't bring back certain parts/weapons for Survival Mode? (Archived)ramza_lor26/14/2014
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