Issue whit Launcher pilots skill activation rate.

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4 years ago#1
I hope some ppl r still checking this message bord so they can give me some advice to help me solve my problem.

So i have rather annoying problem whit launcher pilots, basically the wont activate anny skill.
Im at mission 23 up to now the number of time my launcher activated inferno skill is 3...3 times, 23 mission and only 3 inferno and no other skill at all.
i got my self a s-type pilots w double launcher skill and while enemy activate double launcher each second attack or so, my wont activate it at all...i mean what the hell.
oh and i know the limitation of skills like weapon type or situation it require to activate, so im not green in the FM stuff

someone have some thoughts about it?
4 years ago#2
Ok, after some checking it seems that double launcher work only whit donkey missile and the basic version only, and still the activation rate is like 1 per 30-40 attacks if this activation rate i normal then this skill and s-launchers r useless.
4 years ago#3
In the main guide:

"Double Launcher activates under the condition that two MS units are equipped and they are of the same part. A Donkey mixed with MGR does not qualify, but two Donkey parts meet the criteria for Double Launcher."

Basically, what it means is that you can equip any missile launcher part, so long as it's 2 of the same kind. So if you have 2 Magic Box missile launchers, Double Launcher can be activated.

As for skill activation rate, if you didn't read the main guide, you should know the skill type and number of slots does play a role in skill activation. Inferno is a Special type skill so by default, it has a low activation rate. It will still activate more frequently than the more skill-heavy Special skills since it only uses up 3 slots. Double Launcher is not a Special type skill, but because it is the only skill that uses up 5 slots, it's the least likely one to activate.

In case you need to boost skill activation rate, equip the Skill + 2% skill. (only comes with Assault and Jammer pilots)
4 years ago#4
i know about the requirement to use double launcher, and i use 2xgoldias S but even so in 6 solo simulator 4 runs my launcher activated it only 1 time in total, even for a 5 slot skill activation rate is ridiculous! thou u cant compare 4 slot skill whit 5 slot one but my s-jammer and s-gunner activate abyss shot and hammer down every 2-3 attacks, 1 double launcher every 40-60 attacks is not normal and 1 or 2 skill+2 do give much of an effect.
4 years ago#5
sry it suposed to be 'dont give too much effect"
4 years ago#6
also its not only about double launcher the inferno also have a extremely low ativation rate even thou its 3 slot skill
4 years ago#7
Must be a case of bad luck then. I usually get Inferno to activate every 3-5 attacks, and Double Launcher about half of that rate.
4 years ago#8
well since s-pilots r pretty much useles i will just stick whit Damond Mainfield from the begining of the game and MS burst since its have more rational activation rate...*sigh*

Anyway thx for answering to this post.
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  3. Issue whit Launcher pilots skill activation rate.

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