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8 years ago#1
I'm at the part in the game where I need to use the "Prima Materia" on the Extractor.

I know that I had Hewie fetch it for me from the Graveyard, but now I no longer have it but instead I have "A Handful of Ash".
I'm just now remembering what I did. I believe that I put the "Prima Materia" in the weight that's in the hand of the statue at the Mansions Entrance and then it turned my "Prima Materia" into "A Handful of Ash".

What can I do?! Is there any way to fix this or find "Prima Materia" elsewhere??

I don't want to have to start all over again! SOMEONE HELP!

8 years ago#2
you can put that ash into the extractor where you told hewie to go through the hole.
8 years ago#3
It worked! Thank you SO much!
8 years ago#4
no prob. enjoy the rest of the game
8 years ago#5

Hey! out of all the people on here you seem the nicest. I have a quick question for you. I'm at the part in Haunting Ground where I have to lower the bridge.. And I really need some help. Do you think you could help me on that? =]]


8 years ago#6
You mean the puzzle at the top of that tower? can think of Pong as a dirty game...I mean the ultimate goal is to get the ball in between.... ~Zako_Soldier
8 years ago#7
dnt know if you need any more help or not. what exactly do you mean? getting the bridge down? the block puzzle? or just that whole part in general?
8 years ago#8
People worked hard on the faqs, you should show some respect and use them.
If I'm posting in your topic, it's either become to epic to contain, or it's dead. Good luck deciding.
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