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RoR's controls aren't too horrible. I mean. like the movement is ok but there's something wrong with the hit detection.

It obviously had no testing done at all because you can't miss this.

What I figured out when trying to speedrun this crap was that if you try to hit an enemy that's already in hitstun, it will glitch through it.

That's why you'll see in the 3 hit combos like say, with the steel pipe, the last big swing just passes through them.

I found that by using the first hit on an weapon, and waiting until the enemy comes back to original position, you can hit them again. You basically just jab them repeatedly.

A good example would be against that big umbrella bird boss. Try use a normal combo on it. It smashes you over every time. I've seen so many topics from people complaining about it. I couldn't figure it out at first. Every hit after the first and second went through it and I got slammed every time.

The jab method locks down any enemy in a pretty much infinite combo. It works on all imps. I smashed the goat sisters with it easily and the pigs. I can't remember every detail since I did this ages ago, but I think the only thing the imps could do was that sidestep hop to get out of it.

It works on bosses in the way that you avoid glitchy strikes, but the boss can hit you any time they want making it close to useless.

While this offers a small solution to the awful combat problems, it doesn't change the base content. But it was interesting figuring out the 'rules' to it and trying to find ways around it.

I want to at some point speedrun this but never put any practice in so I have no idea if the game is good for it. I know we have to set Brown to search for key items to progress, but I think we don't actually need to follow him since as I remember he will be beside Jennifer in each new room.

Then there's the boss problem like Hoffman who is impossible to approach and can attack in any direction even connecting when he's like 2 feet away. I've tried to find sure ways to beat him without being hit quickly. I spent a few hours trying to get him stuck in a wall or by that thing (is it a blackboard?) in the middle. That might be worth looking into again.
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This game is so well done in many aspects and features, I noticed more of that after each of Ene's postings, haha.
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I *hate* those bird-creatures with a fiery passion.
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Oh gosh, now when I play it I'm going to be listening for the dialogue in the songs, and will be even more creeped out. ;_;
But I guess for a survival horror game, that's a good thing.
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Twyla posted...
Oh gosh, now when I play it I'm going to be listening for the dialogue in the songs, and will be even more creeped out. ;_;
But I guess for a survival horror game, that's a good thing.

As there's a lot of dialogue in the majority of the songs, I've already written up an article going into detail as to what pieces of dialogue are either in or make up the actual songs themselves.

This will be on my site, so if you think you're hearing something new in them that I may have missed - I'm always interested in hearing about it so, feel free to send me a PM or something if you do. ^^
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