Why are +10 ATT work gloves so popular?

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4 years ago#1
Just out of curiosity... I always see them for sale.
Viva la bamba
4 years ago#2
They're currency, not equipment.
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4 years ago#3
Why not just use Meso? (it takes up less space)
Viva la bamba
4 years ago#4
Mesos have a limit of 2.147 billion at a time. They also get taxed. Att gloves have neither of these problems.
Starcraft II: Zraken 305 [Protoss]
4 years ago#5
Well...for starters you can only hold 2bill in mesos. But gloves are currency for MTS not mesos. You hold mesos in WS or Pink scrolls generally though
4 years ago#6
Gottcha. Makes sense.
Viva la bamba
4 years ago#7
Makes more sense for +15att work gloves to be the currency though
4 years ago#8
Im just seeing +10 work gloves selling for 220mil on basil market though. So thats why I asked.
Viva la bamba
4 years ago#9
It's faulty, since you're only allowed 9 gloves in one trade, which doesn't even total to a higher worth than the 2.1b cap.

However, you can extend yourself to 4b per trade instead of 2.1b when using both meso and gloves. Gloves are mostly used for nx -> meso conversion so you can buy white scrolls and use those instead. 10b per slot (assuming price is 100m each, but I know it's not) never looked so good until you try WS hoarding.
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4 years ago#10
Also, it's easier to make a 10 att. glove than a 15 att. glove. Sure they're better as currency as they're worth more, but at that rate, there are much better form of currency than either glove.

10 Att gloves are easy to make and are plentiful, so they make an excellent "currency." They're also a convenient way to raise NX as they sell for 4k-5k nx
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