king slime

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9 years ago#1
what lvl do u have too be too fight the king slime
9 years ago#2
Reached Elitehood: 12/31/07.
9 years ago#3
ok lol
9 years ago#4
wat u iz a spelinf
9 years ago#5
Seriously, if you're going to take your time posting here, take the time to type it correctly.
Reached Elitehood: 12/31/07.
9 years ago#6
omg just get too the topic please
9 years ago#7
omg just get too the topic
9 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
9 years ago#9
4 reelz let me hanedel dis p1mp guis i cewn spe3k his lengwage

so 1st u gootaa lvl ^ 2 lvl 2 - 1 n den u go to k3rniNG sitee n u go n j00n a p1 2 kee2 k1ng xlim2

d0 u g25 wwat i meen fel10w azn p1m-??//?
9 years ago#10
omg i r kewl cuz i typ liek dis

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