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Robo commands

#1Atown_KiD101Posted 9/19/2008 6:56:40 PM
can anyone tell me the robo commands just got mine today?
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#2Crono exePosted 9/19/2008 7:56:44 PM
There's this one dude in Henesys market that sells a book with all the commands on it. Just worh 1k IIRC.
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#3Atown_KiD101(Topic Creator)Posted 9/20/2008 8:00:33 AM
i check there before but there is none for robo
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#4hitchHIKER4209Posted 9/21/2008 7:38:34 PM
its lik all glitched up, all the robo books dont have names so u ned to buy them and figure out which one is the right one
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#5LostQuestionPosted 9/21/2008 10:00:40 PM
i bought the glitched non named books and none of them are for robo

as for commands
- iloveyou
- sit
- stupid | badboy

thats all i know
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#6hitchHIKER4209Posted 9/23/2008 6:09:55 PM
did u bother to read the books after u bought them?
i bought all 3 from cloy in henesys and they were all for robos, the baby robo, tiger robo, and gorilla robo >.>
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#7hitchHIKER4209Posted 9/23/2008 6:13:42 PM
here are the commands for baby robo >.>

sit, bad/no/badgirl, stupid/ihateyou/dummy,
iloveyou/mylove/ilikeyou, talk/chat/say, sleep/sleepy/gotobed,


and i evolved mine into tiger robo and its commands are the same except the levels are adjusted on some of them (and i cant remember but i thought there was a level 21 command to change into the gorilla form?)
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#8MsysinnyPosted 9/24/2008 5:06:38 AM
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#9H4lfAmazingPosted 9/24/2008 6:09:52 PM
What's so good about the robo's do they like fight or something? And evolving isn't even new , we have dragons..
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