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Is there anyway I can minimize and maximize the maplestory window anyway i want?

#1Slangdriver4Posted 1/10/2009 2:03:24 PM
Yes, I know that there is a windowed option in maplestory. But I want the window smaller than that. Don't ask why. Are there any programs i could use to minimize the window.
#2BadassZettaPosted 1/10/2009 2:06:24 PM
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#3Slangdriver4(Topic Creator)Posted 1/10/2009 2:11:14 PM
So with dxwnd I can choose the resolution I want it to be at? Or is it a fixed resolution?
#4j mcdermidPosted 1/10/2009 2:29:29 PM
It's at a fixed 800x600 resolution. If you want the window smaller, you'll need to up your monitors resolution.