I got my hair cut into some ugly buzzcut...

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7 years ago#1
Anyway to change it back without Nexon cash? Stupid free coupon ruined my mages hair
Krystian from Werville 4425-6370-5401
7 years ago#2
Nope. You'll have to use NX to change it. I wish they'd warn you about the possibilities before doing that quest.
7 years ago#3
Can you only get the basic three do's? I assume so.
7 years ago#4
You can get some of the cash shop hair cuts with the free coupon, but it's random. My friend and I checked it up ( after we both got buzzcuts on it ftl) and I'm pretty sure there's like 8 different cuts you can get.
This is madness! - Will, AW DoR
7 years ago#5
they're all orange brown or blond though i think and they're mostly ugly
AegisXOR - Demethos (Void)
7 years ago#6
Buzzcuts are ok but it's more horrible to get that stupid bowl cut that makes you look like Rock Lee.
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7 years ago#7
Just cover it with a decent helmet.
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*Zeek on MKWii, FC in profile*
7 years ago#8

Well,there is no way to change it without points or nx. Every possible haircut with that coupon is ugly, you will never get a good one. That was the whole point on Nexon's side,they want you to buy nx.

7 years ago#9
These are the Amoria haircuts:
But note that the quest doesn't give those haircuts, they give you a random one (male) from this list:

I think the quest is not worth doing. There are two hairstyles (in my opinion) that are not hideous (but they're not exactly great looking cuts either). One of them is a haircut you could've picked when you made your character anyways. So there's really only 1 new cut that's decent, the rest are all horrible.

So 7 ugly cuts, 1 decent cut, and 1 default cut.
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7 years ago#10

yeah i did that quest and got stuck with the patch haircut.. so i bought an orbis hair coupon

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