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User Info: MasterX2417

6 years ago#1
Is there a Boss list out there that I can use or that anyone knows of ?
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User Info: Bokothechoco2

6 years ago#2
`.,,.`.`. Chirpy13 .`.`.,,.

User Info: LostAndWounded

6 years ago#3

And here's something in a potentially more useful format

Area bosses (i.e pretty easy to solo)

Bob - Drake's Meal Table
Mano - Thicket Around The Beach III
Stumpy - East Rocky Mountain V
Faust - Forest of Evil I / II
Dyle - Dangerous Croko I
Mushmom - Someone Else's House
King Clang - Hot Sand
Zombie Mushmom - Ant Tunnel Park > The Grave of Mushmom
Jr. Balrog - The Cursed Sanctuary
Snack Bar - Drake Area

Spirit Of Rock - Kerning Square Top Floor
Headless Horseman - around Phantom Forest
Crimson Balrog - Ellinia<->Orbis boat (appears only sometimes)

Elliza - Stairway To The Sky II

El Nath
Snowman - Valley of Snowman

Aqua Road
Seruf - The Seaweed Tower

Korean Folk Town
Yellow / Blue / Red King Goblin - Haunted House (requires questing to summon)
Nine-Tailed Fox - Moon Ridge

Deo - Royal Cactus Desert

D.Roy - Alcadno Lab C-3
Homunscullo - Zenumist Lab 202
Kimera - Secret Basement Path (requires questing)

Mu Lung
Tae Roon - Territory of Wandering Bear
King Sage Cat - Goblin Forest I / II

Rombot - Eos Tower 8th Floor > Hidden Tower
Timer - Lost Time I / II / Whirlpool of Time
Thanatos - Forgotten Passage
Gatekeeper - Warped Passage

Omega Sector
Zeno - Gray's Prairie
MT-09 - Defeat Monsters

Blue Mushmom - Hall of Mushroom

Male Boss - Showa Street 3

Party bosses (Party recommended, the strong can solo)

Aqua Road
Pianus - Grave of a Wrecked Ship

Manon - Manon's Forest
Griffey - Griffey's Forest
Leviathan - Leviathan's Gorge

Singapore / Malaysia
Capt. Latanica - The Engine Room (questing required)

Bigfoot - Twisted Paths, Forgotten Path, various other maps

Black Crow - Encounter with the Buddha
Female Boss - Parlor

Papulatus Clock - Deep Inside The Clocktower (quest chain required)

Time Temple
Dodo - Memory Lane V
Lilynouch - Road of Regret V
Lyka - Road to Oblivion V

Squad bosses (Multiple parties required, extremely difficult, if not impossible, to solo, usually requires lots of questing)

El Nath
Zakum - Altar of Zakum - 482,100,000 HP total
- 8 arms, 3 body forms
- drops Zakum Helmets (+15 all stats and some other stuff)
- no time limit

Horntail - Cave of Life - 2,750,000,000 HP total
- 2 pre-heads, then three heads, two hands, wings, legs, and tail all at once
- drops Horntail Necklace (+7 all stats), also drops egg that adds +15 all to the necklace
- 12 hour time limit

Bodyguard A + Bodyguard B + The Boss -
The Nightmarish Last Days - 1,050,000,000 HP total
- Each summons the next when killed
- Drops nothing special, but violet snowshoes, maybe
- no time limit

Scarlion Boss - 300,000,000 HP total
- drops Scarlion Hat (+15 all stats with +17 STR or DEX)
Targa Boss - 300,000,000 HP total
- drops Targa Hat (+15 all stats with +17 INT or LUK)
- less often killed because of annoying debuffs
- 3? hour time limit

Time Temple
Pink Bean - Deep In The Temple - 7,650,000,000 HP total
- requires you must conquer the entire Time Temple first (twelve 999 kill quests + Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka quests)
- map consists of five statues plus Pink Bean; you kill the four outer statues, then they resurrect and the fifth one activates, after you kill all of them again Pink Bean steps down and pwns you
- 1 hour time limit
- has never been legitimately defeated in GMS
- has only been legitimately defeated once ever, by JMS, with five minutes to spare

User Info: LostAndWounded

6 years ago#4
And because I ran out of room, that list doesn't include Neo City / Neo Tokyo bosses, Party Quest bosses, event bosses, or bosses from other regions.

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User Info: darkrain108

6 years ago#5
Pink Bean looks so totally not menacing too. I'm guessing it would take multiple parties of level 19X's/200's to take that thing out?
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User Info: JKiii

6 years ago#6
2 things I gotta say.

Blue Mushmom is also in Goblin House near Korean Folk town ( i personally encountered it by surprised a couple weeks ago)

1 group in GMS almost legitly beat Pink Bean, but GMs were being jerks, and banned all of them when they almost beat him for "dealing too much damage", i saw a youtube video on it
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User Info: MasterX2417

6 years ago#7
Thanks this list should be stickied
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