Today, I scrolled some Hero Gloves.

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6 years ago#1
They began the day as 7 att 5 slot, and following some prompting to finish them in my shop (peppered with profanities, no less), I thought what the hell.

Whut2do now? Sell or Hammer?

Current glove is a 17 att SCG but my main is a BM so this glove is useless for that.
6 years ago#2
Go for glory. 30% + Hammers.
6 years ago#3
Sell sell sell.
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6 years ago#4
*Looks at his two pairs of 2/7 Ocean Gloves*

But yeah I'd say hammer and throw some 60%s on it if you feel lucky but Pony's probably right in that you should sell it.
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6 years ago#5
You have pretty much no use for it, so don't bother Hammering it. Just sell it.
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6 years ago#6
It still won't sell for a lot compared to a normal 15 attack...
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6 years ago#7
7 ATT 5 slot = chaosed?
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6 years ago#8
Meant to say 5/5, had 7 on the brain for some reason.
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