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User Info: DeadlyPinata

4 years ago#81
Came looking for exactly this, thank you so much!
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User Info: gwwak

4 years ago#82
Nice sticky.
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...

User Info: chameleonic1

4 years ago#83
When people can now get to lv 200 in 48 hours it isnt that hard to train anymore. lol
Nothing to see here.

User Info: BeRizzle

4 years ago#84

User Info: Mecha_Soul

1 year ago#85
mushroom garden
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User Info: jackg2113

9 months ago#86
THis guide is vastly outdated now - unsticky
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User Info: thedarklordx3

3 months ago#87
remember the good ol' days when you could get to 200 in 3 days?
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