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5 years ago#1
How exactly does this work? Before maintenance, I was trying to hunt for Manon and Griffey on my Cygnus Knight for awhile, but to no avail. Do they appear in the Silent Crusade in your own map and do they count for the quest?
5 years ago#2
I did some research on this (cause i was lost this too thinking the 1 fight per hour effected all bosses)

And it turns out ONLY the ones related to the Silent Crusade Monster set/quest story, get the one visit per hour monster portal. I think its, Mano, Faust, Stumpy, King Clang, Zeno, Timer, Deo, and a couple others i don't remember. So the popular hunted area bosses like Manon, Griffey, Snowman etc. will remain unchanged.
Little King of LBP Level Recordings
5 years ago#3
That blows, unavailability to Manon Cries are the main reason my guild doesn't HT/CHT every day. =/
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5 years ago#4
Damn, that sucks. Anyways thanks for the info.
5 years ago#5
Snowman is changing.
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5 years ago#6
Master Of The Dead posted...
Snowman is changing.

Congratulations, your Snowman has evolved into Abomasnow!
Windia~SatomiOrders~17X Paladin~
5 years ago#7
I found the list....and damn Snowman IS in the list, DAMNIT THAT SUCKS, I fought him like 40 times an hour with his great spawn time and good drops like Overal for Dex and GFAs.

Ones with * are the new bosses

-Blue Mushmom
-Zombie Mushmom
-Skeleton Commander*
-King Clang
-Mama Pixie*
-Pepe Queen*
-Toy Black Knight*
-Nine Tailed Fox
-Tae Roon
-Sage Cat
-Giant Centepede*
-Master Maryon*
-Master Harpie*
-Master Berk*
-Kentaurus King*

Now that Isee the list it looks like the did it to everyone BUT manon and griffey, WTF, the ones that are hard to fight are STILL hard to fight.

I wound up posting a thread saying how bossing will suck cause it sounded like all boses will be fought once an hour instead or 15+ (with channel changing) but i removed it cause i thought i read the notes wrong, and it only applied to certain bosses, well turns out I'm wrong on that, god there goes my main way of income, watch as scrolls GREATLY rise in price

EDIT: I'm getting a 2 different stories, one person says ONLY the previous list from my first post, the other person says the list above, I can't tell who is right, so I guess all we can do is get some sleep and pray for the best tomorrow
Little King of LBP Level Recordings
5 years ago#8
great, noone shares money making tips until they're patched out. thanks 4 nothing
5 years ago#9
I thought they still had their normal spawn, and extra portal that was instanced. At least that's what I got from the patch notes. Oh well.
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5 years ago#10
EternalFlame66 posted...
great, noone shares money making tips until they're patched out. thanks 4 nothing

Thats why they are money making.
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